Neri grew up in Istanbul, and is passionate about food, in particular cuisine with its origins in the Middle East and Persian culture. Our breakfast menu reflects her roots and includes a family favourite...

Alongside the essential Full English is our Full Turkish, a slightly healthier option, which includes (depending on the season) marinated olives, ewe's milk cheeses with honey, tomatoes, cucumber, figs and bogrek (a cigar-shaped filo pastry filled with herbs and feta).

Baked Eggs with Sage is a family favourite and self explanatory, served in a ramekin with sourdough soldiers.

Beyond our breakfast there are other culinary treats to be had. You'll find Neri's home made Chocolate and Lime Truffles beside your bed, and to accompany your tea / coffee there's a kilner jar of Gemma's home made Biscotti. Gemma is our neighbour opposite and has an incredible talent when it comes to baking!