Full Turkish Ingredients

Our Full Turkish is typical in its ingredients of what might be served in Turkey for breakfast, and depending on the season, includes other traditional elements. Listed below are some of the typical ingredients it will include.



We serve tea and coffee with all breakfasts, but if you'd like a Turkish coffee please ask. Our Turkish coffee comes from a wonderful shop in the Spice Market near the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul.


We use delicious local farm eggs. The plan is to have our own chickens, and Patrick is working on a design for a hen house...

Poached, scrambled, fried, or boiled - please let Neri know how you'd like them at breakfast. Neri likes to sprinkle Zataar on the eggs (a middle eastern seasoning including sesame seeds and sumac).


A selection of marinated green, black and kalamata olives from our daughter's favourite stall at our local Farmers' Market.

Ewe's Milk Cheeses


Crisp fried Halloumi and fresh Feta cheese with honey. Our feta is from nearby Homewood Farm.


Fresh tomato salad with pomegranate seeds and chopped parsley. Our fruit and veg. are from Jimmy Deane's Fruit, Veg & Salad (the stall at the end of our street).


Pronounced "beurreck", this is a cigar-shaped roll of deep fried filo pastry with a feta cheese and herb filling.